SOld in 4 Days.


3 bedroom- 2 bathroom

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Sold In 6 days.


3 bedrooms- 1.5 bathrooms.

We are Bilingual English/Spanish.

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I buy homes or take over payments !

Cell: 312-593-7272

Oficina: 773-622-4444

Fax: 773-622-4411

Juan Peralta 

Managing Broker

Are you in foreclosure ?

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500 Reward!!

    Refer a friend, family member, co worker or anyone you know and I help them, I will offer a 500 reward.

If your property is too much of a burden?

 My fair " as is" cash offer will take it off your  shoulder.

Sold In 20 days.

2 Flat Brick.

EMail me your refer to :

Are you behind in your  property taxes ?

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Sell your home today.

i'll buy it!


We can help you!!!!

  •  Behind on payments?
  • Home is vacant?
  • Bad tenants?
  • Need repairs?
  • Double payments?
  • Need to sell quick?
  • Divorce/bank ruptcy?